Brother Merle

Design, Fun & Quirky by the Artist & Skater Brother Merle

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A brand coming straight from Canada and more precisely from Montreal arrives in your HawaiiSurf store! Brother Merle is first and foremost an artist , skateboarder , and commercial illustrator. After spending more than 20 years in skateboarding while studying graphic design working with multiple brands, Brother Merle decides to create a company in his universe.

At first, Brother Merle was not meant to be a brand. The goal was to learn and acquire new skills in graphics! It was after he started selling products primarily online that skate stores became interested in his brand. Little by little, collaborations developed with skateboard companies, but also with design studios and advertising agencies.

You have surely already seen his illustrations in Thrasher magazines, on the design of Bone wheels , foundation skateboards , April skateboard and many others!

You will also be able to enjoy its design on some decks in Tony Hawk's pro skater 1 and 2 games!

The original and quirky design comes straight from his passions for South Park , Family Guy , Beavis and Butt - Head as well as his "stupid humor".

Come and enjoy the best Brother Merle products in our HawaiiSurf stores or online at !

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