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Specially designed for women , discover the Citizen bindings from the Burton brand!

All-Mountain , the Citizen Re:Flex snowboard bindings will bring performance and comfort to the delight of riders from beginner to advanced levels . The base is made from polycarbonate , thus providing a certain lightness for optimal gliding comfort ! In order to adjust the tightening as closely as possible and increase precision, the spoilers are equipped with the MicroFLAD system which will allow the angle of inclination to be adjusted . The FullBED cushioning will perfectly absorb shocks by considerably reducing fatigue even after a series of runs. This model is therefore a versatile All-Mountain model that will accompany you perfectly on all terrain of the resort in complete safety!

Burton mounting bases are guaranteed for life and highbacks and straps are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase !

Practice : All-Mountain

Level : Beginner - Intermediate

Flex : Soft, this flex is intended for beginner riders or freestylers due to its indulgence on landings but also for its flexibility on heelside turns

Baseplate : Light and resistant polycarbonate for a comfortable and relaxed glide

Spoiler : Reinforcement on the single-component angled rear that will provide a quick response. MicroFLAD system that will use a lever and a sliding plate system that will allow you to adjust the forward tilt angle of the spoiler

Straps : Reactstrap ankle strap that will feature a lively understated construction that will fit any boot. Supergrip Capstrap toe clips that will perfectly wrap the toe area of the boot with a fully injected design to reduce waste

Buckles : Smooth Glide , easy to close with aluminum levers and a steel base that will provide very good resistance. Added to this, you can find a polycarbonate barrel which will improve the life of the notched tongue.

Disc : Universal disc compatible with 4x2, 4x4, 3D boards and the Burton Channel ® system

Cushioning : Re:Flex FullBED system, which will provide excellent cushioning under the foot, optimizing comfort and reducing fatigue

Mounting : Re:Flex mounting system that will improve the flex and glide feel of the snowboard while reducing weight

Weight : 1887g

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Riding Level Beginner - Intermediate
Entry Mode Classic
Bindings Riding Style All-Mountain
Stiffness Flexy
Snowboard Inserts 2x2
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
Snowboard Inserts 3D
Snowboard Inserts Channel