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He is themost aggressive snowboardfrom the rangeBurton! Discover theAll-Mountain/Freeride board Custom Xof the brandBurton!

Powerfulanddemanding, this board isspecially designed for advanced to expert level riderslooking for apowerful modelandsustainablewhowill cut out all spots in the station! Hisdirectional shapeadded to astandard camberwill allowto press hard on all terrains with precision. It is also important to note that theCustom Xisthe stiffest board in the Burton lineup. TheCustom Xis designed withbest technologies on the marketas theDragonfly 600G Core with Multizone EGD™which will offer the board alightweightwho will not loseresistanceand will significantly dampen the performance of the board. HerCarbon Highlights High Voltage fiberglass constructionwill significantly strengthen itssolidityfor aextended life! that you wishhit the slopes,the valleys,the best lines on virgin slopesWherecarve on all slopes the resort, it is with her that you will have the most fun!

All 2014 and newer Burton snowboards that are equipped with The Channel mounting system are covered by a three-year warranty from the date of purchase

Ground:All mountain - Freeride

Level:Confirmed to Expert

Dimension lines:294.3-252-294.3 156cm // 297-254-297 158cm // 300.5-256-300.5 158Wcm // 308.5-264-308.5 162Wcm

Curve radius:7.8m in size 156cm // 7.9m in size 158cm // 7.9m in size 158Wcm // 8.2m in size 162Wcm

Flex:9/10, Symmetrical flex from tip to tail to balance your glide with versatile styling whether straight or switch

shape: Twin, directional symmetrical shape that will balance your ride while turning and taking solid and reliable support for optimal stability

Build/ Core: Core - FSC™ Certified Dragonfly™ 600G Core with Multizone EGD™ and Squeezebox, The Dragonfly 600G core with multi-zone EGD will use several woods located in the impact zones, making the board light and without losing resistance. The Squeezebox construction will thicken and thin certain parts of the board, particularly at the binding inserts and between the bindings for optimal energy transfer. Its Multizone EGD™ construction will arrange the wood fibers of the core perpendicular to the rest of the core at the level of the support zones, thus improving edge control by enhancing power transmission //45° Carbon Highlights High Voltage, Carbon Highliths High Voltage 45° fiberglass construction that will optimize the layers of the fiberglass matrix with an integral carbon coating that will significantly reduce weight and refining the torsional feel with carbon strips that will increase the lifespan of your board

Camber:Arch, standard camber that will improve turns and precision for a lively and toned board with weight evenly distributed throughout the board for optimal control from tip to tail

Sole:Sintered WFO, Wax with a special formula that will add depth by being very absorbent at high density also making the wax more durable to ride always longer and always faster

Insert:The Channel®, System Made In Burton, The Channel® system is designed to allow riders to find a perfectly adjusted position by being compatible with the main brands of bindings

Fristbite Edges:Edges that will stand out more at the supports, thus improving grip

Infinite Ride™:Technology that will allow the board to be durable while completely keeping its performance, pop, flex and various behaviors identical to the first day of use

Pro-Tip™:The design of the nose and tail are thinner than the rest of the board, thus increasing all its maneuverability while keeping a suitable weight

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Snowboard Shape Directional
Riding Style Versatile - Freeride
Profile Camber
Stiffness Rigid
Snowboard Inserts Channel