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The variation of the rangeprocessreturns this year with theboard Process Flying Vof the brandBurton!

Originally intended to adapt to a freestyle program theFlying-V processwill not missversatilityallowing toadapt to all situations and changing terrain, even in deep powder! HisFlying V™ hybrid camber will improve flotationandmaneuverabilitywhen the centimeters accumulate in the mountains and the days are spent in the forest in the fir trees! Hisreduced weightcomes from its design with adual-density Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™which will also prove appreciable duringrotations on the lines of the parkor inoff-road rock jumping! HisSymmetrical Twin shapeadded to asoft flex distributed evenly from tip to tail will bring real balance. As for the graphic present on the board, the rider of theteam Burton Mark McMorriswill opt for the happy bears theme by validating the panda who shares arelaxed but dangerous styleto theMcMorris. As for the symbol ofyin and yangpresent on the nose of the sole,after a certain time of UV exposure, thesymbol will light up in the darkthus validating the balance between the relaxed style of the rider and his intense spirit of competition.

All 2014 and newer Burton snowboards that are equipped with The Channel mounting system are covered by a three-year warranty from the date of purchase

Ground:All mountain (10/10) // Powder (6/10) // Park (4/10)

Level: Intermediate to Confirmed

Dimension lines:290.1-249-290.1 152cm // 293.2-251-293.2 155cm // 294.9-252-294.9 157cm // 298.6-255-298.6 159cm // 303, 6-260-303.6 159Wcm

Curve radius:7.1m in size 152cm // 7.3m in size 155cm // 7.5m in size 157cm // 7.5m in size 159cm // 7.5m in size 159Wcm

Flex:Soft Twin, Symmetrical flex from tip to tail to balance your glide with versatile styling whether straight or switch

shape: Twin, directional symmetrical shape that will balance your ride while turning and taking solid and reliable support for optimal stability

Build/ Core: Core - FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™ and Squeezebox, Core Super Fly II 700G will use strong and light woods by invigorating the board without losing solidity while reducing the weight of this one. The wood grain designed with DualZone EGD is positioned along the edges, under the toes but also at the heel in two continuous zones and perpendicular to the rest of the wood core for an improved and responsive edge hold //Fiberglass-Biax™, Soft torsional flex that will fit perfectly with your Jib sessions for a powerful control feel that will perfectly suit beginner or park riders

Camber: Flying V™, The Flying V profile features angled areas between the feet and on the contours added to floating and cambered areas under the feet that will increase edge control for crisp pressure enhancing pop and powerful turns

Sole: Sole:Sintered, Solid and porous sintered it will be durable and will perfectly absorb the wax for a fast glide requiring less maintenance

Insert:The Channel®, System Made In Burton, The Channel® system is designed to allow riders to find a perfectly adjusted position by being compatible with the main brands of bindings

Frostbite Edges:Edges that will stand out more at the supports, thus improving grip

Infinite Ride™:The board will keep throughout its life its performance of flex, pop and behavior identical to the first day of use.

Scoop:Exaggerated spoon shaped nose and tail providing more forgiveness on landings and boxes

Pro-Tip™:The design of the nose and tail are thinner than the rest of the board, thus increasing all its maneuverability while keeping a suitable weight

Super Sap® Epoxy:Resin engineered from bio-based materials that will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint by 50% compared to petroleum-based epoxies

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Snowboard Shape Twin Tip
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Profile Camber
Stiffness Flexy
Snowboard Inserts Channel