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One of the youngest American snowboard companies but already among the biggest is of course Capita Snowboards, which some purists call by its original name "Capita super Corp". Far beyond a simple brand of snowboard, Capita designed at "Mothersheep" the most modern factory for the manufacture of snowboard gear or even freeride ski equipment, offers a fairly wide range that can appeal to all types of practitioners. Whether you are a fan of freestyle snowboarding in a snowpark or a superb children's snowboard for your rookie who wants to try their hand at carving in powder snow in freeride snowboard mode, at Capita Snowboard you are bound to go find the snowboard pack of your dreams.

Many pros who are sometimes riding competing boards like custom Burton or a nitro snowboard, envy the young dream team, flagship of the Capita brand, with talented riders like Kazu Kokubo, Scott Stevens or the lovely Jess Kimura . Capita boards ride like a skateboard, because they are known to be packed with pop and lunar flex to soar over big powder kickers in Backcountry mode, enough to wow your pals who tumble in mode. ski touring along the piste in the heart of your favorite ski resorts.

Capita does not make snowboard bindings, but the Union bindings company is part of the same network, as are all or many of the pros at 32 the brand of snowboard boots ride in Capita!

Among the flagship boards of the brand you will of course find the Scott Stevens pro model, the Capita horrorscope or the board with its perfect tip for powder snow the DOA Capita snowboards it is no less than 20 models of snowboards to be able to go shredding every terrain and type of snow, no matter how good the snow is. All-terrain boards known to be the cream of alpine snowboarding, directional, maneuverability or even skidding and playful boards are words that stick well to the image and quality of Capita snowboards.

For your snowboard purchase, and if it's a snowboard pack, Hawaii Surf offers you a 10% discount on the whole, as well as a snowboard bag to take care of your gear and avoid asking our ski maintenance service too often!

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