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Created in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt , the Carhartt brand was one of the first workwear brands. At the beginning, the brand manufactured work clothes for railway workers . With just 4 sewing machines and five employees, Hamilton Carhartt manufactures duck and denim overalls. Year after year, the Carhartt company continues to grow, establishing cotton factories in Georgia, South Carolina, Detroit, Dallas and San Francisco.

The Carhartt brand also played an important role in World War I in 1914, producing work uniforms for the military. With at that time a total of 17 factories, the Carhartt company victim of its success reached new heights with economic success during the first two decades of the 20th century. The brand is still present during WWII as soldiers at home and those who went abroad need sturdy and durable clothing.

In 1992 , the brand was validated and thus gained credibility in the street by being adopted by rappers , graffiti writers and by street children for its resistant products and its aesthetics . In 1995 , the brand with the wind in its sails, in fact, the rising popularity of the brand on the underground musical and cultural scenes is in full swing throughout Europe. It is even featured in the film " La Haine ".

1996, Carhartt WIP ( Work In Progress ) acquires the license to manufacture Carhartt products and releases its first collection the following year.

The brand then diversified over the years, since it now offers everyday clothes , with streetwear trends , remaining largely influenced by the workwear origins of the brand's early days.

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Carhartt Wip Carhartt Sid Pant Cypress...


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Carhartt Sid Pant Cypress Rinsed Pantalon Homme

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Carhartt Wip Carhartt Yanie Tanami/black...


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Carhartt Yanie Tanami/black Veste Femme

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Carhartt Wip Carhartt Pocket Kiwi...


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Carhartt Pocket Kiwi T-shirt S/s Homme

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Carhartt Wip Default


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Carhartt Sid Short Anchor Homme

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Carhartt Wip Default


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Carhartt Flavor T-shirt S/s Femme

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