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Cartel was born in 1997, when creators asked themselves the right questions. Skateboard gear? Too expensive because of the American monopoly at the time; who produces and sells skate in France? Anybody.

The idea is therefore the following, to create a French company without intermediary to reduce costs and offer an ultra competitive price. Built around a French team with big names like Alexis Jauzion / Karim Cherif / Marc Haziza ... the objective is to please all Europeans.

Over time, the company evolves but keeps this skate spirit forever. At HawaiiSurf , we like the idea of keeping French brands, in order to offer you the best possible choices.

So come and enjoy the best prices on flagship models like the Calavera on HawaiiSurf !

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Cartel Cartel Homachu Skateboard...
Sizes:  7.5 7.8 8.0

Cartel Homachu Skateboard Complet

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Cartel Beige


Sizes:  7.8

Cartel 3d Skateboard Complete

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