Catch Surf Odysea 6.0 Skipper Pro Job Quad Sky Blue



Ref product : ODYPROQSK22


A board created with the exceptional partnership between Catch Surf and the " king of softboards" Jamie O'Brien ! A foam surfboard dedicated to those who want to have fun and make the most of their sessions whether in big Shore - Break like Jamie or on softer waves! The board is hybrid and allows you to make long turns and pick up a good burst of speed ! Discover the Skipper !

Fins provided.

5'6” x 21.0” x 2.875” 42L
6'0” x 21.5” x 3.0” 48L
6'6" x 22.0" x 3.125" 55L

Type of waves: Allows you to tackle all types of waves thanks to its versatile size and generous volume

Level: Suitable for all types of surfers, from beginners to good surfers who want to catch as many waves as possible in summer.

Outline: Fish shape with generous volume that allows good speed

Rocker: Fairly flat with raised nose, easier to paddle, to keep speed and have a good glide.

Tail: Fishtail

Fins: 4 fins (quad) included

Construction: Waterproof EPS foam core with triple stringer for added strength and improved flex. Slick HPDE premium for super glide.

Season SS22
Surf Shape Softboard
Included Fins Yes
Surfboard Construction Epoxy
Tail Type Fish
Number of Fins 4