Catch Surf Odysea 6.6 Skipper Quad Maroon Foam Surfboard



Ref product : ODYQMN22


Fan of speed ? Control ? Fun ? While scoring the maximum number of waves during your sessions? The iconic Odysea Skipper model is the answer to your needs! Thanks to its generous volume , you can surf soft waves like big shore-breaks! It adapts easily to your level whether you are a beginner or an expert and will offer you incredible sessions this summer !

Fins provided.

5'6” x 21.0” x 2.875” 42L
6'0” x 21.5” x 3.0” 48L
6'6" x 22.0" x 3.125" 55L

Type of waves: Allows you to tackle all types of waves thanks to its versatile size and generous volume

Level: Suitable for all types of surfers, from beginners to good surfers who want to catch as many waves as possible in summer.

Outline: Fish shape with generous volume that allows good speed

Rocker: Fairly flat with raised nose, easier to paddle, to keep speed and have a good glide.

Tail: Fishtail

Fins: 4 fins (quad) included

Construction: Waterproof EPS foam core with triple stringer for added strength and improved flex. Slick HPDE premium for super glide.

Season SS22