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Catch Surf or also called Odyssea Surf is a brand of surfboard that is easily found with young surfers in surf school, only directly under the feet of pro surfer who want an evolving surfboard and fun to ride! Far from the hyper modern industry of the world of performance surfing, the North American company dares to revisit the golden age of surfing of the 80s by offering fun, color and a retro lifestyle side perfectly assumed without taking head.

Sliding level, the brand offers sensations similar to high-performance epoxy surfboards, except that the risk of getting hurt and rowing in the wrong way is almost non-existent. Beyond the look that reminds of "toys", Catch Surf boards are all hand-shaped in California! They thus offer all the handling and performance of a traditional shortboard, with much less inconvenience, and require a beginner's level of surfing without any problem.

Even if you are a bodyboard practitioner, the practice of Catch Surf and other foam surfboards can seduce you. Like all water sports enthusiasts, such as windsurfing, stand up, kite surfing or simply gliding practitioners in general (Snowboard, Ski, Skate ...), acquiring a board like the Odyssea surf is a game for the whole family on your favorite surf spot.

Like all brands of surfboards, the Catchsurf company offers several shapes and sizes of surfboards. You can therefore find through the wide choice of the brand a shpa Shortboard or Mini Malibu board in your size to ride as well in Tahiti, California or during a surf session in Brittany with the friends of the Surf Club.

The shark has better behave, because with this new foam board in your quiver, you will enjoy your surf session and your next surf trip! Learning to surf has never been easy with this type of hybrid board.

Hawaiisurf, the historic French digital surfshop, offers you a wide selection of Catch Surf products on its online sales site or directly in our Parisian Surf Shop, to discuss and be the best advice possible on your surfboard purchase.

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