Channel Island Al Merrick Fishbeard Twin (futures) Fish



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BOOM! The FishBeard is here to change your opinion on fish ! It was Parker Coffin who had the genius idea: "Let's transform the NeckBeard 2 into a twinfin fish And lo and behold, the FishBeard was born, ready to make some noise!

The FishBeard, more stylish and efficient than the CI Fish , is a surfboard that merges seriousness up front with fun in the back. Slide forward on this board and hit the waves at top speed . Step back to the tail to engage the fins and rails, giving you the hold , pivot , projection and freedom to surf like a pro!

And because life always takes a bit of nostalgia, the FishBeard features fluorescent ' 80s logos, taking us back to the golden age of surfing.

In short, the FishBeard surfboard is the ticket to a fun and thrilling surf session ! Embark on this versatile board and let yourself be seduced by its speed , its fluidity and its maneuverability . So, get on your boards and let the party begin!

Board delivered without fins


5'8 x 19 3/8” x 2 7/16” 29.5L
5'10" x 19 7/8” x 2 9/16” 32 .6L

Type of waves : Ideal for small to medium waves , offering excellent versatility in various conditions. Thanks to its unique design, it is able to generate speed and fluidity even on less powerful waves, which makes it perfect for fun and relaxed sessions.

Skill Level : For intermediate surfers, the FishBeard is a great option for those looking to improve their wave skills, as it offers good buoyancy, paddling ease and maneuverability.
The FishBeard is also suitable for experienced surfers thanks to its performance and versatility. Advanced surfers will be able to take advantage of this board's responsiveness and maneuverability to perform more aggressive maneuvers and fully exploit the power of the waves.

Outline : At the front, the outline features moderate width and a rounded nose that provides good buoyancy and ease of paddling . This width at the front also helps generate speed and stability when riding the waves.
Towards the back, the outline gradually tapers to form a narrower, tapered tail , characteristic of fish-type boards. This narrower tail, combined with the configuration of the twin-fin fins, allows excellent maneuverability and responsiveness . The transition from one rail to another is facilitated, allowing tight turns and quick maneuvers on the waves.

Rocker : The FishBeard features a moderate rocker in the front, which allows for better buoyancy and easier paddling. This front rocker also makes it easier to generate speed on the waves, especially on small to medium waves. Towards the rear, the rocker is slightly steepened to improve the responsiveness and maneuverability of the board, allowing surfers to perform tight turns and quick maneuvers.

Rails : The rails of the FishBeard are slightly more rounded , which allows for better grip and a smooth transition from rail to rail when maneuvering. This rail design offers a good balance between sensitivity and stability , allowing surfers to take advantage of the responsiveness of the board without sacrificing cornering stability.

Tail : Fish : the narrow and tapered tail allows excellent maneuverability and responsiveness when maneuvering on the waves. The shape of the swallowtail makes it easy to transition quickly from rail to rail, allowing for tight turns and quick changes of direction.
In addition, the swallowtail improves the traction and grip of the board in carves, thanks to the additional surface offered by the two "wings" of the twin fish. This allows surfers to push harder through their turns and maintain better grip in various wave conditions. Finally, the narrow tail, combined with the twin-fin configuration of the fins, offers a feeling of skate and liveliness on the waves, increasing the pleasure and fun while riding.

Fins : Futures , The FishBeard surfboard is designed to be used with a twin-fin fin configuration, i.e. two fins, one on each side of the board. This configuration offers several advantages in terms of performance and feeling on the waves. Twin-fins tend to generate more speed and drive , as there is less drag created by the fins. It allows for a skate feel and ultimately, boards with twin-fin fins generally have a smoother gliding feel over waves, which can be particularly enjoyable in small to medium conditions.

Season SS23
Surf Shape Fish
Plug Type Futures
Included Fins No
Surfboard Construction Polyester
Tail Type Fish