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Chaya Eclipse


Ref product : 810645


The German roller brand Chaya (which means "life" in Hebrew) has come to breathe new life into quad, mainly in roller derby .

Boots: The Chaya Eclipse are the pinnacle of performance . It all starts with the lightweight carbon shell which provides a powerful foundation and is designed to lock in your heel , support your ankle and allow for a dynamic range of motion . Internal flexible cuts and mesh-flex microfiber uppers create a glove-like fit, enhanced by the slip-on lacing system. A memory foam footbed sits inside and the shockproof toe box is built to last . Unleash your full potential with the Chaya Eclipse!

At the heart of Onyx boots is the Dual Center Mounting (DCM) system . Your Chaya turntable can be attached to the safe with just two (2) screws . No more drilling, no more anxiety about making mistakes when fitting your boots . DCM is fast, simple and efficient ! DCM also allows you to move your turntable back and forth and also 3mm side to side to really customize your setup. Personalization at Chaya means more than just changing the color, lace or upper. Personalization for us means REAL personalization from A to Z , starting with the mounting and assembly of the plate.

Do you want to combine your Onyx boot with your “non Chaya” plaque? No worries - you can mount our boots on any brand of plate.
To take full advantage of the DCM system, we recommend combining your Diamond boot with one of Chaya's state-of-the-art plates.
Season 2020