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Cliche 8.0 X 31.6 Complete


Ref product : CLICOFU091
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This complete board in 8.0 is perfect for someone who wants to learn and discover the joys of skateboarding. This complete high quality kit is delivered ready to use and will allow you to start on a very good basis.

This set-up constitutes an effective basis for starting out and will allow you in the long term to very simply modify the worn parts and therefore to develop your set-up.

Dimensions: 8.0 x 31.6

Board: 7 plies of maple in connection with the Regrowth program, one tree cut = 2 trees planted

Concave: Medium

Grip: Black, classic

Trucks: Tensor 5.25

Bearings: Classic

Wheels: Cliché 52mm, 92a. Versatile for street

Season INTP