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Behind the “Freak Show” brand Creature Skateboards hides skate expert Darren Navarette, and above all a fan of American Comis and horror movie, that we feel every time we have a new one in our hands. Creature Skateboard deck.

However, we have to go back well before the 2000s to find a trace of the founding of the brand on “flashy green” boards, namely in 1994, when a certain Russ Pope under contract with NHS Inc founded Creature Skateboard. From the start Darren Navarette was a natural leader, with Jason Adams and Barker Barrett also supporting him in building the pro skateboard team.

After a few separations, and a shutdown of the brand by NHS Factory, Darren came back even more motivated than ever and especially stronger to relaunch this sublime Skateboard Label through the skate videos provided as Born Dead, CSFU and Hesh Law.

With a new team in sight and above all access to big Hammer and endless hand rail descents, the brand quickly focused on the production of skateboard decks with "P2" technology, a clever mix of aramid fiber combined with a premium Canadian maple to make high quality skate decks. More rigidity, more life and a Lunar Pop!

The particularity of the brand has also made its buzz on the fact of offering modern shaped skateboards with widths in addition to 8.5! If you are looking for a big pool or street board to descend 20 first try steps, at Creature Skateboard you will have boards up to 9 inches in classic shape!

Today the skate team is made up of big names like David Gravette, Chris Russell and Ryan Reyes. The entire Creature Skate team is renowned for its great creativity when it comes to skateboarding style.

Hawaiisurf invites you to follow in the footsteps of this 100% American style brand, Horror Show with a wide selection of skateboard products and top streetwear collection lines to freshen you up!

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