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Surfboard bag Creatures Of Leisure

Wide range of creatures of leisure surf covers to protect your surfboards and travel without breakage! From longboard cover to hybrid shortboard, more than 20 references in stock in real time!

For more than 30 years now, the brand of surf and bodyboard equipment Creatures of leisure has been a leading water sports brand on the market. The Australian company was founded near Yallingup in Western Australia, where the ocean provides big waves all year round, with reef spots and sturdy pebbles to surf.

So when you take the live Australian breaks, expect sessions where you're going to get rocked. In such conditions it is useful and vital to have quality equipment to surf in peace. This is why the brand of surf accessories Creatues of leisure sells a multitude of surf accessories such as surf covers, surf leash but also surf tailpads and lots of surfing equipment useful for both paddle and surf practitioners. or Body board.

The Creature surf brand is well represented in the surf spots, thanks to a well-supplied team, especially in surfing with legends like the world champion Mick Fanning or Nat Young and the bodyboard champion Nat Young!

So you too, equip yourself in complete safety with the best Creatures surf accessories to satisfy your desires to surf well at each launch! Find all the collections of the Australian surf brand in the heart of the Hawaiisurf surf shop in Paris and in stock in real time in our digital surf shop.

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