Dafin Signature Wsl Blue/white Palmes De Bodyboard



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Discover the DAFIN x WORLD SURF LEAGUE collaboration with the Dafin Signature WSL fins !

Perfect balance between comfort and power , this pair of fins will not lack performance ! In recognition of the important role that lifesaving plays in surfing competitions, the benefits of the WSL fin are reversed to Water Patrol crews who work to ensure the smooth running of WSL competitions !

Lightweight and ideal for travel

Comfort and power

Flippers float in salt water

Approved by the Hawaiian Lifeguards Association, Lifesaving Association of USA and used by the world's top wtaermen and professional watermen

Activities : Aquatic // Swimming // Bodyboard

Directions for use : Always rinse your fins with fresh water after each use and let them air dry in the shade // Store your fins in a cool, dry place // Do not leave them exposed to the sun for long hours // Don't use chemical cleaners on your fins, especially petroleum-based ones

Material : 100% quality natural rubber

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Season SS23