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Dafin fins is a brand of fins intended for the practice of bodysurfing and bodyboarding. The brand was founded by Andy Cochran a former Australian lifeguard who has resided in Hawaii for 30 years. This seasoned surfer, but also practicing multiple water sports in his spare time such as windsurfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing wanted to design a high quality fin in order to offer a flagship product in the best surf shops in each country. where the oceans and seas are not far away to be able to train with passion and effectively for swimming in the high seas.

This figure in the body board and body surf industry was one of the pioneers of surf life saving in Australia during his youth. He was assisted by professional lifeguards in Hawaii and recognized as Mark Cunningham or Brian Keaulana to design a high performance fin.

The Dafin fin is especially appreciated by lifeguards for its innovative shape combined with a comfortable liner, capable of providing perfect support to the rescuer even in extreme sea rescue conditions. The American brand has been awarded numerous patents for the innovation and the quality of its fins. The watermansport group has done an excellent job of communication with supporting tests to extol the effectiveness of the Dafin fin.

Whether you are a fan of swimming, scuba diving or other water sports close to your surf school, training in a marine environment allows you to better understand the reading of the waves and to optimize your physical condition on the high seas.

The water man company also designed with Cochran the cousin brand of Dafin, which is called Kicks, more efficient for 100% bodyboarding, with among others the legendary bodyboard practitioner Aka Lyman.

The Dafin brand thus offers a wide choice of bodyboard and bodysurf fins, with several aspects of fins in terms of colors but also in design. You can therefore get a rigid fin like a flexible fin. Depending on the swell and the surf spot as for the premises of the Basque coast, the choice of a suitable fin is essential.

If you cannot make the right choice, we will be happy to help you know how to choose your bodyboard fin via our Bodyboard purchasing guide or directly by visiting us in our Parisian Bodyboard Shop, or you can also stock up on advice on the wide choice of surf, bodyboard, poncho or neoprene wetsuits.

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