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Dalbello Krypton Ax 120


Ref product : D181100100FW18


The Dalbello Krypton 120 ski boot has been one of the benchmark boots in the Freeride orientation ski boot range for quite a while now. This shoe is the ultimate precision for skiers who want to hurtle down the corridors off piste quickly while feeling safe.

Let's take a look at the Dalbello Krypton 120 ski boot

The Dalbello Krypton 120 is the most precise shoe in the Freeride range, with a meta in 98mm and a Flex of 120, this shoe is perfect for good level riders looking for a shoe close to the kick and which may be subjected to a lot of torsion on large slopes. More rigid than average, the Cabrio Design hull has been revised in terms of composition by minimizing the addition of material, to have a liner closer to the hull. No need for thermoforming on this ski boot, the IF PERF liner adapts relatively well to kicks. Buckles in 3 hooks for this Cabrio design shell shoe, all microphones and macro metrics.

Is the Dalbello Krypton 120 Winter ski boot right for you?

Freeride ski enthusiast, both off piste and Backcountry, this pair of Dalbello ski boots is a pure product of performance and stability in your ski, whether it is with a "nag" or "smooth" approach, as long as you want to go down slopes that are always more technical than the others.

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Season FW17/18
Gender Mens
Ski Boots Flex 120
Sky Boots Riding Style All Mountain
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