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The Italian ski boot brand Dalbello was founded by the couple Alessandro and Giovana Dal Bello. After learning the trade at the Swiss manufacturer Henke as craftsmen in the early 60s, the couple decided, once back in Italy, to start their own business by creating a brand of ski boots. It was during 1974 that the Dalbello company started manufacturing ski boots for the Austrian market.

Following the technological advances of the 1970s, the Italian ski boot company positioned itself as a particularly innovative brand and equipped many alpine ski enthusiasts. The transition from leather ski boots to plastic shell ski boots was one of the reasons for the success of the Dalbello brand. The company continues its work by always pushing its standards of quality and comfort further, thus creating a real leading position in ski boots. The democratization of alpine skiing and ski racing, particularly in the early 1990s, continued to increase the brand's reputation. It then developed its collections of Dalbello ski boots at the heart of the major ski markets such as on the North American continent, but also throughout Europe with its wide range of ski resorts in the heart of the Alps, and even as far as the powder fields for skiers in Japan!

At the heart of the 2000s, the brand pushed the limits again by offering superb ski boots for all skiers, men, women and children, whatever their level. Whether you are a beginner and consider skiing as a hobby, whether you are looking for comfortable ski boots to hurtle down the corridors in off-piste skiing, or whether you want to send yourself into the air with big rotations in freestyle skiing, you You will inevitably find what you are looking for at Dalbello.

It will also become famous for having developed models in collaboration with World Cup athletes such as Sebastian Solevaag, Justin Murisier or Giorgo Rocca, such as the famous DRS World Cup 93 model. The brand has also diversified by offering ski and bags for mountain hiking.

Ski boots for everyone

The range of freeride or free touring ski boots is wide and made up of the Dalbello Lupo, Dalbello Krypton and Dalbello Sherpa models. The brand also offers a wide choice of freeski ski boots, in particular with the superb Dalbello Voodoo ski boots or the rather beginner Dalbello Jakk ski boot and the Dalbello Blender the perfect intermediate product.

All Dalbello shoes are made and designed in the heart of Italy. We find the quality of the hand in a ski boot that is both robust, comfortable and efficient for all skiers in the world. In white, black, blue, or even orange, the brand offers us models that are both stylish and comfortable, for both men and women. All you have to do is choose the boots to have the complete ski equipment for men and women, special freestyle and freeski!

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Dalbello Krypton 110 I.d. Uni

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Dalbello Black/black


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Dalbello Chakra 95 Ls

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Dalbello Krypton Ax 110

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Dalbello Kyra 85 Ls

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