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Deathwish skateboards is the latest skateboard deck brand from the Baker Boys Distribution group. Founded by the three starting colleagues from Baker Skateboards, Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco and Erik Ellington, the American deck brand quickly made an impression with cartoon-style decks for adults and very dirty photo montages...

The skate brand Deathwish took over from the mid-90s skate parks cumbersome disciplines such as the Freestyle Scooter. We have seen a multitude of kids, neo skaters take flight by abandoning the scooter for the skateboard thanks to brands with a Freeride Skate spirit such as Deathwish or Shake junk, the other brand of the Bakerboys group.

Like many cult skateboard brands such as zooyork, primitive, grizzly or even Magenta, the Deathwish skate brand has made its mark by offering quality products! Whether you opt for a brand new deck in good Canadian maple and exemplary concave, a cruiser skate deck, a complete skate or accessories such as skateboard wheels, screws and bearings, each piece of Les Gars de Baker boys will have its say on the plan. of a cheap and quality skate budget over the long term…

So if you want to buy a skateboard from a pro skateboard like Jim Greco or Erik Ellington, go to the local Hawaiisurf skate shop or make an online purchase on our site specializing in extreme sports and urban cultures. We will be of good advice to explain to you how to choose your skateboard according to your desires and the most sensational questions...

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