Deeluxe Ray Lara Cf



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Deeluxe still offers a range of Deeluxe women's snowboots with comfort as the main argument in mind. This is how for this Snowboots 2019 collection, you will be able to put on the all new Deeluxe Ray Lara CF 2019.

Let's take a look at the Deeluxe Ray Lara CF snowboots.

These entry-level snowboots are a must for riders who want to equip themselves with a first pair of snowboots. End the rental of excessively worn shoes, spend the second by having your own snowboard boots, with a flexible flex, this women's boot is ideal for beginners and progress in safety. There is a quick exterior lacing, to quickly put on your snowboots. The boots offer a “comfort” liner, with shape memory during your passages on the track. Flexibility, comfort and playful boots will be the strengths of this 100% woman product. The fairly wide power straps on the top of the boots will slightly stiffen the boot to give you even more support in flexion.

Is the Deeluxe Ray Lara CF 2019 snowboots right for you?

A snowboot to take your first steps in snowboarding, progressed with a lot of comfort and serenity on your feet. Small budget, occasional rider, flexibility and resistance.

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Season FW18/19
Lacing System Speed Lace
Liner Lacing System Speed Lace
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