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Deeluxe designed for powsurf and noboarding!

The Austrian brand Deeluxe was created in 1996 (the date which marked the appearance of its first logo) and was initially a subsidiary of the Kneissl network. Since its inception, Deeluxe has specialized in snowboard boots. It acquired its independence in 2002 to become an independent company.

Deeluxe snowboard boots have established themselves over the years with an increasing number of riders. Why ? Because Deeluxe has put innovation at the service of comfort. The result is accessible, efficient and above all ultra comfortable snowboard boots!

And the brand's success can be seen through the Deeluxe boots team, which brings together living legends from the history of snowboarding: we find the French Xavier De Le Rue, the Japanese Tadashi Fuse, the American Dan Brisse, or the German Elias Elhardt.

Like the team which brings together both freeriders and freestylers, the Deeluxe brand offers specialized products covering all snowboard disciplines. In 2009, Deeluxe offered the one range dedicated to jib (street snowboarding). In 2011, the Backcountry range is the delight of all big powder kicker fans! In 2013, the Afterhour range marked Deeluxe's entry into the classic après-ski boot market. It is also in this range that we find the FootLoose Powsurfing snow boots, boots dedicated to Powsurfing, a discipline mixing snow, skate and surf!

Deeluxe has always stood out thanks to the culture of innovation that reigns in the company.

In 1997, Deeluxe became the first brand to integrate a thermoformable liner into snowboard boots. This innovation marks the beginning of personalized snow boots for unparalleled comfort.

Since then, Deeluxe has continued to innovate to satisfy as many riders as possible. Whatever your size or your practice, whether you are looking for men's or women's boots, whether you are a fan of freeride, backcountry, freestyle, or even alpine snowboarding, you will inevitably find boots at your feet!

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