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When the Hip-Hop style hits the Skateboard Style, it gives birth through a Big Bang of culture and style to the brand " DGK 3 which are the initials of "DIRTY GHETTO KIDS", it is by far the company of the most "hip-hop" skateboard concocted by Stevie Williams, the most stylish Afro skater with his legendary pop who still walks the streets of Philadelphia as at the time of the mythical "Love Park" spot, with his lifelong friend Josh Kalis.

The brand became a symbol for many kids who had dreams in their eyes watching Stevie Williams through skate video footage. Having squatted with many skaters from several sensitive areas of the city and suburbs of Philadelphia, the DGK brand has taken its roots in the heart of urban culture.

Stevie has thus propelled the brand's message beyond the very borders of skateboarding, since the lines of clothes with broad Streetwear and Skateboard look inspirations are proudly worn by personalities such as the rapper 2Chainz or even Ludacris, a great friend of Stevie Williams. The brand of the “Kayo Corps” group (Expedition One, Organika, Gold wheels…) has amply deserved the title of best Skateboard label of the year on several occasions, awarded by the famous magazine Transworld Skateboarding.

To make a skate brand like DGK shine, you had to make sure you had high-class visibility by betting on a team of skaters in perfect harmony with the roots of DGK Skateboards, and that's how guys like the Brazilian Rodrigo TX introduced in 2011 in the team to strengthen the international image of the brand, took a place alongside guys like Boo Johnson, Marquise Henry and Dane Vaugh.

In terms of filmography, the Blood Money video in Film form was a killer! And the latest one highlighting the rookies of the team and the historic sizes through “Public Advisory” was just as well received in the world of skateboarding.

DGK boards are as rough as the Hip-Hop of the American East Coast, and you'll guarantee big concave and pop to chain your best lines Tricks on the curbs of your favorite cities. To satisfy the biggest Fans of the brand and its ideology, Hawaiisurf offers you all year round the DGK skateboards collections through skate gear but also wide selections of streetwear and skateboard looks!

Dirty Ghetto Kids is to be found urgently in the Hawaiisurf Skateboard Shop in Paris and on the web.

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DGK Dgk Wheels 53mm Links Jeu De 4
Sizes:  53 MM

Dgk Wheels 53mm Links Jeu De 4

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Dgk Deck Harmony 8.0 Deck

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DGK Crew
Sizes:  8.0

Dgk Deck Crew 8.0 Deck

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DGK Dgk Complete 7.75 Complete
Sizes:  7.75

Dgk Complete 7.75 Complete

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DGK Dgk Complete 8.0 Complete
Sizes:  8.0

Dgk Complete 8.0 Complete

From €125.00
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DGK Black


Sizes:  S M L

Dgk T-shirt Illuminate Ls Black

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