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What if Diamond Supply Co was the new “Supreme” Skateboard success story? In any case, Nick Diamond, the founder of the brand, made “diamonds” by setting up this North American label in 1997, offering a clever mix of Hip-Hop style clothing, Skateboarder Look and Streetwear image. In addition, the New York store is located simply next to the Supreme Store, on Lafayette Street…

At Diamond Supply Co we have a taste for a job well done, and especially to offer high quality Streetwear collections, highlighting a lot of subliminal, provocative messages and in current politics, while assuming an offbeat side. If your choice is more classic, opt for the “logo” collections highlighting the famous Diamond from Diamond Supply Co.

Jackets, Coats, Shirts, T-shirts, Baseball jerseys or even fashion accessories such as Caps, Socks and beanies, Diamond Supply Co offers a wide choice of "USA" style products with Ample cuts.

Because the brand comes from Skateboarding, it conveys a “fresh” image with the help of quality ambassadors such as Torey Pudwill, Boo Johnson, Brandon Biebel and Nick Nick Tucker.

For several seasons Diamond has also been offering liferstyle sneakers and stylish and quality skate shoes.

When it comes to skateboarding gear, everyone knows that Diamond Supply Co skateboard accessories are beautiful, and even the packaging is super classy. Just look at Torey Pudwill's screws with the set of screws sold in a Grinder… or even the bags of screws Stevie Williams, Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Mike Caroll and Nyjah Huston! The bearings are just as formidable, and the must-have is the high-end quality of the skateboard grip plates! Diamond Supply Co also offers skateboard wax and riser pads.

Diamond Supply Co is the brand that has been at the top of the top 10 for a few seasons now, with collections that are both Street oriented, urban culture but also 100% Skateboard.

Hawaiisurf invites you to find all the Diamond Supply gear on its online skate shop, but also in its corner dedicated to the local Parisian skate shop.

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