Dickies, Workwear at the service of Streetwear and Skateboard style

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Dickies trousers: the work trousers that fit you well!

Find the Dickies work pants, the must-have streetwear at a very affordable price and don't miss the Dickies 874 model in your online skateshop or near Paris!

Dickies, called at its foundation "Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company" is a clothing brand of Workwear type, which has become a reference in streetwear culture through various artistic currents such as Hip-Hop, Cholo culture or even Skateboarding, has was founded in 1918 in Bryan, Texas by CN Williamson and EE "Colonel Dickie", both of whom had a business in cars at the turn of the last century.

The story of the massive production of rugged textile clothing begins in World War II, when the Dickies brand will produce uniforms and other outfits for military personnel. The American company is widely known for its productions of overalls, pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts and capris.

With an extremely robust canvas, the Dickies brand is developing rapidly and is becoming a benchmark product brand in professional circles which require a robust and protective outfit to be worn.

In addition to being a leading brand in pants, notably with its legendary Dickies Men's Original 874 cargo pants or Dickies 873 chinos, the Texan label offers superb Workwear-inspired collections in a “streetwear cut and look” version. You will be able to find a selection of hooded sweatshirts, printed long-sleeved shirts, casual men's shirts, short-sleeved shirts or even classic checked shirts.

The brand even diverts some iconic products such as workwear to make it a stylish piece in Streetwear fashion. Even products like the Chef's Jacket turn out perfectly into a skateboard garment. You'll enjoy spending the winter with the selection of Dickies jackets and down jackets. The low price guaranteed for maximum warmth and comfort throughout the winter season. It's not for nothing that Dickies is one of the favorite companies of the great Alaskan trappers.

Dailleurs Dickies likes to give names of large cities and American states to its products, to pay tribute to all the great workers of the beginning of the last century and in particular to those who built the main railway lines ...

In the various North American subcultures, then on other continents, the brand has become a flagship choice of the best dressers, followers of a quality Streetwear style. From Mexican Cholo, through Gangsta Rap to the East Coast, in the Punk Hardocre movement and Skateboard culture, the Dickies brand has indirectly seduced several generations of young fashion fans.

Dickies is appreciated by both male and female consumers, thanks to its wide choice of cut that adapts to all body types. Whether you are looking for a quilted women's blouse in a straight cut, a new shit gray slim jeans with a spandex design or a fitted v-neck, the Dickies brand is for everyone, even those who want XL XXL!

The brand also offers a beautiful technicality in the design of its Dickies Streetwear collection with, in particular, a waterproof and mismatched fabric on windbreakers or military-inspired bomber jackets.

In addition to a superb cheap Dickies collection, the Dickies brand will make you fall in love with a wide selection of accessories such as caps, beanies, suspenders. Backpacks for weekend trips are sturdy and bulky and above all at a relatively low price ...

Hawaiisurf, a specialist in skateboard fashion and the Streetwear universe, is “happy” to offer you the best range of Dickies women's and men's pants all season long, as well as all skate clothing products!

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