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The original Texan brand, Dickies, designs clothing and accessories for North American workers. To protect them from the sometimes harsh weather conditions on construction sites, the workwear brand is developing a line of beanies with various materials and shapes. Today the dickies beanie to go beyond the borders of construction sites and is worn in the streets by fans of the brand, hip hop aficionados or even skateboarders, for a so swag look!

The models are renewed each season in a wide choice of colors such as Dickies Alaska or Dickies Rotterdam, the best sellers of Dickies beanies.

Each type of dickies beanie is unique in its raw color shade, but also in its style. Whether you are a fan of short or long hats, sailor style… Hawaiisurf always offers you the best of the Dickies hats collection on sale on our Parisian Dickies Store or even continuously on our e-shop!

And to alternate with the days of good weather, find among our selection of swag caps: the dickies caps!

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