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Eastpak is one of the biggest modern hits in the luggage world. Founded in 1952 in the United States with the American army as its first exclusive client, Eastpak has always made solidity its spearhead. This is what has made its success for decades and why we find the Eastpak backpack in schoolyards. An Eastpak backpack bought in 6th grade will follow you to college and beyond! Today, a mass consumer product, the Eastpak bag has become a real must-have thanks to the design that is both innovative and refined, with original patterns and colors that are always renewed and always with the same legendary resistance.

At HawaiiSurf, you will find different types of Eastpak luggage, with both Eastpak travel bag and Eastpak backpacks, and always a maximum of choice as if you were on the official Eastpak website. There is something for all tastes and all wallets, with the cheap Eastpak backpack, many models and many colors. Eastpak black, eastpak boardeaux, or eastpak gray you will necessarily find the one that suits you.

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