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The Elan brand is one of the oldest in the modern ski industry with a creation in the year 1945 by Rudi Finzga, which had the effect of a visionary at the time and who saw far for his brand as for his legendary ski jumps in the past, since he had the world record for ski jumping in 1941 with a jump to 95 meters, and that for the time was a real feat when you know what kind of ski the jumpers had at the time…. With the noise of the corridor that a ski brand allows a leap forward, the Elan brand begins to export its pairs of skis to the USA with a first production established at 800 pairs.

Historically the brand had started to design light and robust piste skis specific to the partisans, these soldiers of the Second World War.

Subsequently, the ELAN Ski company let itself be carried with efficiency during the 60s, by expanding its assets and its production to other supports such as boats, kayaks, canoes, tennis rackets, sledges and other mountain sports equipment. . From the 70s, Elan ski began to invest the ski circuit in the sporting sauce in winter sports resorts, and began to glean titles thanks to the Swedish legend Ingemar Stenmark who still holds the number of victories in the cup of the world with 86 podiums, while a certain Bojan Krizaj is preparing to take over from the Swedish, still on Elan skis.

At the start of the 90s, the ELAN brand focused on its new ski programs and added new carving skis to its catalog, thus revolutionizing the world of skiing for two decades. During the 2000s, Elan Skis were twice awarded the title of most innovative brand in the “Sports Equipment” category by the Plus X Award jury.

Today, the brand continues to anchor itself in the renewal of skiing by offering breathtaking ranges of skis! And it is of course with legendary skiers with a Freeride profile like Glen Plake, that the brand can now develop freeride skis and versatile freestyle skis to be able to have fun both on the slopes of the ski resort and in a domain. freeride.

At Hawaiisurf in our Paris ski shop, we offer you the best of the Elan ski brand with the two sure values that are the Elan Ripstick available in a wide choice of waist width (86, 106, 116 ..) and the new hybrid range, perfect for those who want to mount their pairs of skis in freerando skis, you will be seduced by the new Elan Ibex range and its carbon fiber!

All the best of the Elan Ski brand is on Hawaiisurf.com and in the Hawaiisurf Ski Shop in Paris!

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