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The French Pierre-André Senizergues after having launched the adventure of ETNI ES in the United States in 1986 designed ten years later in 1996 the brand Emerica footwear. In the late 90s, the company quickly became a cult brand for skateboarding aficionados.

Building on all the know-how of the "Sole Technology" group that Pierre-André has managed since the beginning with the Etnies, Es footwear or even 32 brands in snowboarding, the emerica brand offers skaters a wide choice of quality skate shoes with maximum comfort a sleek design.

To highlight his new brand, Pierre-André Senizergues has designed a high-quality Emerica skate team, with Andrew Reynolds in the lead. From 1997, the brand released a first feature film Skate with the video “Yellow”. Then will follow several nuggets in footage with the videos This Is skateboarding in 2003, Kids in emerica in 2005, Stay Gold in 2010 and more recently Made chapter one in 2013 and Made chapter Two in 2016. These Emerica skateboard videos were the occasion to see the whole team emerica in its works with impeccable and creative runs from skaters like Bryan Herman, Collin Provost, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero, Kevin Spanky Long or Justin Figueroa.

The legendary products of the skate shoe brand Emerica are of course all of Andrew Reynolds' pros shoes. The Atlanta Skateboarder, a member of the Baker boys, has always brought positive criticism to the evolution of his skate shoes.

Hawaiisurf has made a true friendship with Pierre-André Senizergues, as evidenced by his numerous visits to our Parisian skate shop, so we have always supported independent brands of skate shoes.

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Santa Cruz Emerica Wino G6 Slip On X

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Emerica Blue grey


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Emerica Wino Standard

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