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Faction Mana 3 Ski All Mountain Freestyle


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With aeffortless balanceadded to ever moreperformanceand ofprecision, find outAll-Mountain-Freestyle ski MANA 3of the brandFaction!

Mid-range modelMANA, theMANA 3and his112mm at the skatewill show up even morecomfortable in powderkeeping aexcellent balance effortlesslyrelated toMANA 2from the range. It is called theQuiver-Killerthanks to hisvery freestyle inspirationsadapting to yourAll-Mountain and Backside needs. In terms of its design, like all the skis in the rangeMANA, it is made with apoplar corewhowill lightenconsiderably the whole, while keeping areal precisionas well as avery good gameplayfor youaccompany you on all your adventures in the forest! Hisgenerous rockerand hisclassic camberwill make itvividandreagentat the slightest kickeasily swivels with confidence and without a hitchand that,without sacrificing speedandstability! In order to significantly increase itsresistanceand hissustainability, of therubber/carbon padsare inserted in the most fragile places of the ski allowing toski in any conditions by absorbing shocks and vibrations in an optimal way!Respectful of the environment, enjoy thequality Austrian constructiondesigned to100% with renewable energies and recycled materials!

Program: All MountainBackcountry

Level:Confirmed to Expert

Camber:Standard Room

Rocking: Dual rocker

Shoe width:112mm in size 178cm // 112mm in size 184cm

Ray:19m in size 178cm // 21m in size 184cm

Dimension lines:140-112-134mm

Core:Poplar lightweight, medium-weight, durable softwood with great flex and pop while having plenty of vibration absorption capabilities. It will allow the skier to jump and play as an all-mountain freestyle ski and have enough torsional stability for very good grip downhill

Sole:Sintered sole, ensuring a very good glide and will resist shocks and abrasion considerably

shape:Mana Progressive Twin, Inspired by freestyle skis refined with a very freeride approach with a tail

Titanium/Rubber Stomp Pad:Titanial and rubber reinforcements under the foot that will increase the resistance of freestyle skis in the points where they are most fragile. In addition to protecting the core from impact when landing from rails, the titanial and rubber will improve stability and vibration absorption under shoes for comfortable landings

Elliptical rib lines:They consist of a longer radius under the foot and a shorter radius on the front and rear parts of the ski. The longer radius under the foot will allow you to pivot more quickly while the short radius will allow you to initiate curves smoothly

2.5mm XL edges:The 2.5mm edges are 35% thicker than standard 1.8mm edges which will already be very resistant. This addition will allow skiers to have a ski that will resist the "aggressions" associated with certain practices for longer.

Flex:Soft, ideal and versatile allowing you to have an all-mountain playful ski going from the piste, to the off-piste to the snowpark

Flex boat:The large rocker is complemented by stronger and stiffer tips and tails that will stabilize the skis and thus propel them on all types of snow and terrain. The stiff spikes will absorb vibrations when skiers hit the ground after a jump. It will therefore be a question of adding more flex under the foot allowing the skis to react on demand

Full Strength Sidewall: The solid and strong sidewall comes from a construction that will apply layers of protective materials along the edges of the sidewall between the edge and the topsheet of the top. The edges will offer very good stability added to a very good grip when the ski negotiates a turn, while protecting the wood core, the edges and the cover sheet from possible impacts and external damage.

Tip and tail cap:The Mana are equipped with a cap construction in the tail and tip by placing ultra-solid edges at the level of the central part of the ski which will wrap the topsheet around the stop of the ski up to the edge at the level of the tip and the tail. . This will protect the ski from impacts and improve its durability by reducing the total weight of the ski, favoring freestyle or touring practices.

Mana Specific Stance:The narrowest point of the ski is the center of the radius which is the most intuitive place for freestyle pivoting. The assembly also works wonders for the practice of carving as well as the search for popping on the front and back of your skis.

Weight:3.8kg per pair in size 178cm // 3.98kg per pair in size 184cm

Eco-responsibility:It is also important to note that the Faction brand in an awareness of respect for the environment uses materials of local origin significantly reducing the impact at the level of the material supply chain with European companies based near the factories. Faction also designs, in collaboration with their production partners, their skis in such a way as to eliminate waste materials by mixing waste base materials, fields and topsheets into the raw material used during production, thus reducing carbon emissions. carbon for the same level of quality and durability, thus reducing the ecological impact of their soles by 75%

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Riding Style Freeride - All Mountain
Ski Shape Twin Tip
Ski Rocker Double Rocker
Ski Core Bois de peuplier
Waist Width 112 mm
Ski Profile Classic
Stiffness Rigid
Sexe Mixte
Construction Sandwich