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Men's streetwear clothing: coats, jackets, blousons and sale breakers

All the latest men's streetwear clothing brands inspired by urban cultures like Carhartt, Levi's Skateboarding or Dickies, but also more trendy skateboarding labels like Polar, Thrasher magazine and Huf, find all the products on our site and our shop in real time .

Selection of Trousers, Jeans and Joggers for an urban and streetwear look

The best choices of quality pants with style from the most fashionable brands on the market to dress with a good urban look and have your own streetwear style

Hawaiisurf is the whole world of action and board sports such as skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding, but also a wide selection of streetwear clothing inspired by board sports. Our wide choice of brands is very sharp in selection, we offer you the best labels of the moment, the most fashionable but also those historical in the landscape of action sports and urban cultures.

You will find in the store a wide choice of pants and jeans from the biggest brands like Levi's skateboarding with its legendary cuts, but also the European label Carahrtt wip and its cousin Dickies official, the two streetwear labels with quality Workwear inspiration! And for the Hip Hop version, a big, comfortable Jogger for chilling at home.

Our DNA comes from California, so a wide choice of boardshorts and tank tops is present all year round in our shop, for people looking for the latest lifestyle or surf product for the next sessions on your board or for your next vacation.

What could be cooler and classier than matching your outfit with a beanie or a New Era style cap for a very Hip Hop and swag look, why Hawaiisurf surely offers the biggest choice in the action sports industry with the trendiest brands.

Hawaiisurf is also a huge choice of t-shirts whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, we offer basics such as t-shirts with original prints from all the clothing brands we offer to have a look that combines urban fashion and comfort and being able to be in perfect harmony with the latest pair of Adidas Stan Smith or other pairs of sneakers.

For lovers of streetwear products combining class, elegance and fashion, we also offer a selection of long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, with varied and very urban styles in the spirit of the brands that we offer in order to dress in urban fashion. .

Finally, for the most advanced in terms of streetwear and skateboarding, you will have the choice of finding the latest crew sweatshirt or hoodie of the moment, just like the latest fashionable coach jacket.

At Hawaiisurf you can dress from head to toe with the latest trendy brands in our industry and thus not look like everyone else, by opting for the latest Levi's Skateboarding pants, the brand new Thrasher magazine t-shirt and the products recycled Picture Organic clothing.

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