Fcs 2 Carver Neo Glass Sage 3 Dérives De Surf



Ref product : FCAR-NG04


If you are a wall hollow wave charger , these fins are for you! The FCS Carver Neo Glass surf fin is ideal for powerful and elongated turns. Usable in all conditions, but with a preference for the point break !

Practical: For surfers with powerful support on their fins and who are looking for exceptional hold at the bottom and on carves

Conditions: Any type of condition with a preference for long walls and point breaks.

Compatibility: Will go perfectly with FCS 2 boxes and Recommended for boards with deep concave and moderate or extreme rockers

Construction: Bio resin which is an ecological resin with low environmental impact, but still with high performance

Cut :
M / 65 to 80 kg
L / 75 to 90 Kg

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Season SS22
Plug Type FCS 2
Number of Fins 3