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Fcs 2 Jf Pg Medium Tri Retail Fins


Ref product : FJFMPG01MDTSR


FCS (fin control system) is a brand but also a specific type of fin. Created in the 90s by a certain Brian A Whitty in Australia, more precisely in Elanora (Queensland). This is the type of boxes and fins most marketed and used. This system offers a very wide range of fins for all types of surfers and conditions.

For what conditions?

This fin set is ideal for rough conditions. The waves hollow and fast.

JF ... Jeremy Flores!

It requires a lot of downforce and a certain level of surfing. it will be at the top for the free downforce and the tight turns.

For what types of boards?

These Fcs JF will be at the top on boards with rockers and pronounced concaves. To put on and use on high-performance boards.


Base: 4.65 "/ 118mm
Depth: 4.58 "/ 116mm
Area: 14.96 "² / 9652 mm²
Sweep: 33.7 °
Foil: Flat

Season FW19/20
Plug Type FCS 2
Number of Fins 3