Fcs Keylock Large Cadenas Surf Voiture



Ref product : FKLK-BLK-002
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The FCS KeyLock Large is a secure padlock designed specifically for surfers to keep their car keys safe while in the water. This practical accessory makes it possible to store the keys in complete safety, thus avoiding losing them or exposing them to potential thefts.

Rugged Design : The FCS KeyLock is made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel and zinc, making it durable and suitable for coastal environments.

Secure Storage Compartment : The padlock has a lockable storage compartment to place car keys. This compartment is usually large enough to hold most modern car keys, including those with built-in alarm systems.

Combination Lock System : The FCS KeyLock uses a 4-digit combination lock system, allowing a custom code to be chosen for secure access. This eliminates the need for additional keys to unlock the padlock.

Ease of Use: The FCS KeyLock is designed to be easy to attach to your car's anchor points, such as roof racks, tow loops, or other solid items. Once attached, simply lock the compartment with your code and go surfing in peace.

Season SS23