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Firewire Surfboards is one of the best known and trusted brands of surfboards. Behind this name is the Australian shaper Nev Hyman, who started the adventure in 1981. Today, Firewire Surfboards sponsors World Tour surfers such as Michel Bourez. This brand offers a wide range of quality surfboards and has developed major innovations such as FST technology which increases the resistance and durability of the boards. Recently surfing legend Kelly Slater bought a large number of shares in the company Firewire Surfboards, with the aim of giving the brand a new line of conduct, closer to the environment. A new line of boards has hatched, the Slater Series, with beautiful boards like the Banana, Sci-Fi and Omni available at HawaiiSurf.

Since 2017 the surf brand Firewire & its Slater Design division have “laid” new shapes almost every two months, while consolidating the already legendary models of this young surfboard company with a new construction called “HELIUM”. Even lighter surfboards to give you a remarkable performance boost if you like to ride with style and panache in the heart of the surf waves!

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