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Flip Skateboard is one of the most iconic skate brands in the skateboard industry, founded in the early 90s by the unmistakable English skater Geoff Rowley and his sidekick Jeremy Fox.

At the end of the 80's there were skateboard companies like Powell or Plan B, these big American brands, then skateboarding Europe woke up via England and more precisely Liverpool with the birth of the freestyle skateboard label. like Flip skateboard. The name of this skate brand, including you, comes directly from the trick and the “Flip” tricks.

Flip Skate is the perfect brand to progress quickly at the skatepark, because in addition to offering decks in multiple widths and all done in an "NHS" factory which also includes brands like Santa Cruz, Creature, the skate brand Flip offers a wide choice of inexpensive complete skateboards to get started with good gear.

Since 2016 and in order to guarantee Europeans a low price and top quality Canadian maple, the skateboard brand Flip now has part of its decks produced at HLC Distribution in the Spanish Basque country.

To shine on the modules, and with the latest tricks in skate park fashion, the brand in the spirit of Puk of course offers other skateboard accessories of great utility for practitioners such as bearings, grip, wheels in urethane and plenty of other unique skate goodies.

In terms of Deck construction, Flip Skateboards was also one of the most innovative brands by designing boards with more concave and strength thanks to P2 technology, which offers a skateboard with an oval shaped layer of kevlar for you. guarantee greater robustness and ease in your Pop.

When we talk about Flip Skateboards, we think especially of all the big names who have been pro skateboarders at Flip for decades for some. Supra footwear pro skateboarder Tom Penny and Brazilian Luan Oliveira are among the stars of the Flip Skateboards team.

Hawaiisurf Skate shop has been a benchmark skateboard store since 1976, which offers all Skateboards Flip products on its online store but also in the heart of the Parisian skate shop!

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