Flying Wheels Florida Surfskate 32



Ref product : MLBFWL3207PRP01


The Florida 32 "Classic Range surfskate takes you straight towards the holidays! Do not wait any longer to carve in the streets of your city or on the pump track ! The surfskate allows you to experience similar sensations to surfing thanks to the system of inverted trucks . pumper to move forward and draw nice curves !

Dimensions: 32 "x 9.5"

Composition: 7 plies of Canadian maple for unparalleled strength

Grip: Black, for maximum grip

Base: LBD Surf , allows easy carving. Solid, with a little maintenance it will not let you go. Will leave you feeling the same as with a surfboard, but when the ocean is flat

Trucks: Classic 160 MM. Reverse axis with kingpin to reduce the overall weight of your board

Wheels: Classic , 65 MM 78 A. Optimal grip with light wheels for quick and easy speed

Gums: Street bushings 90A

Bearings: Abec 5, the standard in terms of quality and speed

Tail: Fish

Shape: Classic with raised nose and tail

Enjoy the best of Flying Wheels on HawaiiSurf !

Season INTP
Truck Type Classic