Flying Wheels Isley Surfskate 32



Ref product : MLBFWL3208PRP01


Want to travel and ride? Opt for the Flying Wheels Isley 32 "Classic Range surfskate. A versatile model that makes you want to carve in the tropics. This skate will allow you to experience surf-like sensations thanks to the inverted truck system . Just pumper to move forward and draw pretty curves !

Dimensions: 32 "x 9.5"

Composition: 7 plies of Canadian maple for unparalleled strength

Grip: Black, for maximum grip

Base: LBD Surf , allows easy carving. Solid, with a little maintenance it will not let you go. Will leave you feeling the same as with a surfboard, but when the ocean is flat

Trucks: Classic 160 MM. Reverse axis with kingpin to reduce the overall weight of your board

Wheels: Classic , 65 MM 78 A. Optimal grip with light wheels for quick and easy speed

Gums: Street bushings 90A

Bearings: Abec 5, the standard in terms of quality and speed

Tail: Fish

Shape: Classic with raised nose and tail

Enjoy the best of Flying Wheels on HawaiiSurf !

Season INTP
Truck Type Classic