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Flying Wheels Pauline Teen Surfskate


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Exclusively on Hawaiisurf , the pro model Pauline Ado x Flying Wheels to go surfing the bitumen! First French junior champion in Australia then world champion at the ISA in 2017 in Biarritz , it was obvious that Pauline has her own surfskate ! Like our champion, you have to find something to do when the water conditions aren't ideal, so surfskating is the best alternative . Perfect your maneuvers with this versatile and playful model that will make you experience gliding sensations similar to that of surfing.

Dimensions: 30" x 10"

Composition: 7 plies of Canadian maple for incredible strength

Grip: HD printing for an unmistakable style

Baseplate: Kinesis, brings a lot of speed for optimal energy transfer. Aggressive and solid, it follows on from the Lombard bases. Won't break in the first session

Trucks: Cohiba in 6.5, 150MM. Inverted axle with kingpin to reduce the overall weight of your board

Wheels: Purcell in 66MM x 47MM, 78A. Smooth, high-rolling finishes and absorbs road imperfections

Erasers: Conic bushings, 15MM in diameter and durable

Bearings: Black Arrows in Abec 9, the most rolling possible

Tail: Fish to recall surfboards

Shape: Classic with slightly raised nose and tail

Enjoy the best Flying Wheels model pro surfskates exclusively on HawaiiSurf !

Season SS22