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Flying Wheels The Big One Surfskate 29


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Tremble before the big one ! No kidding in bad taste, this surfskate turns out to be a surfer's best friend when the waves don't come in. An inimitable style and very solid technologies, as with its top quality base. Don't forget to maintain your level in surfing and even on bitumen.

Size: 29x10"

Composition: 7-ply Canadian maple for unparalleled strength

Grip: HD printing, an essential style

Baseplate: Lombard , allows easy carving. Solid, with a little maintenance it won't let you down. Will leave you with the same sensations as with a surfboard, but when the ocean is flat

Trucks: Cohiba in 6.5, 150 MM. Inverted axle with kingpin to reduce the overall weight of your board

Wheels: Bumpers , 65 MM 78 A. Optimum grip with light wheels to pick up speed easily and quickly

Erasers: Dozer Conic bushings , 15 MM in diameter and durable

Bearings: Black Arrows, abec 9, ultra rolling and solid

Tail: Fish

Shape: Classic with raised nose and tails

Enjoy the best of Flying Wheels on HawaiiSurf !

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