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The skate brand with the best quality / price ratio possible! Flying Wheels was born on the edge of the Basque coast, anxious to make the elements of our beautiful landscapes shine through. It was in 2003 that the project was born. One saying, skateboards with all prices and all levels.

Different ranges are offered by Flying Wheels , cruisers, longboards, surfskates, accessories ... and this with the best prices for all levels. Year after year, real experts have been working on the subject to offer you innovative components. New trucks, each stronger than the next, faster wheels ...

If we are talking about a surfskate, the base is revised every year, more solid without forcing maintenance, looser for experts who want more mobility.

The designs are also evolving, in collaboration with artists from all over, with different styles. Surfskates from Flying wheels will give you superb sensations, very similar to a surfboard.

For you, Flying Wheels offers a wide range of different skateboards on HawaiiSurf, from gear to the latest ultra responsive surfskate!

Do not wait any longer to take advantage of the best prices on the reference site.

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