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Your Hawaiisurf Surf Shop offers you all the new Surf products from the GORILLA brand! This surf accessories company is recognized across all oceans and surf spots for its production of surf gear such as leashs, pad surfing or even fins and fins. Recently, the brand has also offered a wide choice of surf bag with a very Rock N roll design.

Gorilla is the completely offbeat brand that highlights artists from many collaborations on all of its products. Not all surfers necessarily like to have too white and sad gear on their mini malibu, for example, so opting for the Gorilla surf shop product range is to give a little fun and cheerfulness on your surfboard.

Gorilla surf fins and fins are designed for both FCS and future boxes, and even FC2, thus being able to complete your brand new surfboard firewire for example. They are always with fun decorations and effective artistic collaborations.

The Gorilla leash offers all the advantages of its big brother the FCS leash, since the Australian brand is also in the same group as gorilla and Fotech for example. You will therefore find surf leashes for boards such as malibu, mini malibu, shortboard or even fish surf.

The sock surf cover is thick and will provide good protection against humidity, UV rays and will prevent your car from getting dirty with wax and sand from the Basque country ...

The Gorilla pad remains the brand's most popular product, with a wide choice of shapes for hybrid, malibu, longboard or performance shortboard boards. You will love the aesthetics but also the quality and comfort of the pad once placed on your board.

Gorilla is the surf brand that will allow you to perform while adding a touch of fashion to your surf gear and make you shine in the warm waves with your Quiksilver or Rip curl type wetsuit ...

In a while, get ready to put on the future collection of Gorilla surf poncho which will give you a quality surf style…

Find all Gorilla surfing accessories on our Hawaiisurf online surf shop! Gorilla with us is all season long with real-time stock that we ship to you within 24 hours and for free.

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