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The Haze wheels brand is a French skateboard company specializing in the design of skateboard wheels. The haze company as the intimate friends nickname it, is a skate company entirely devoted to the French skateboard culture!

The Haze wheels skateboard team revolves a lot around a “Paris wheels” tour, with many local riders from Ile de France. The brand is still independent to this day, and this since its creation in 2010. Founded by the French skateboarder Bertrand Soubrier, a true skateboard enthusiast whom we meet regularly in the Parisian skate shop hawaiisurf, the Haze brand

The team is made up in particular of Remy Taveira & Oscar Candon, two former skaters of the hawaiisurf team, Jeremie Daclin our founding friend of skateboard cliché, JP villa and many others!

The brand offers about a series of pro wheels every 3 months, with in addition guest wheels skateboards and wheels with different shapes and hardnesses of wheel, street, skatepark or cruiser!

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