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The Head Sports Company is a multi-sport company from Baltimore, USA, founded in 1950 by a former aeronautical engineer Howard Head. The latter after having made a stay in the heart of a ski resort to practice a winter sport was surprised to still use a pair of wooden skis while the industry produced more and more articles based on winter sports. 'aluminum, plastic or even metal. Back at his post, he deduced that making a bare ski could be done using the same process as some aviation parts made from aluminum and a rolling treatment. From the 1950s after numerous tests, Head invented its own ski offering modernity, robustness and new sensations of sliding.

During the 60s, Head will design tennis equipment and make it one of the biggest brands of the yellow ball still in activity today and sponsoring a multitude of winners of the most prestigious tennis tournaments of the ATP.

After several sales and takeovers of the group, the parent company is now located in the heart of Austria, a country known for its quality ski areas and the diversity of its ski resorts. The Head ski brand now offers ski equipment in several niches such as ski racing, downhill skiing, freeskiing, freeride skiing or even Freestyle skiing, but also a diversity thanks to the design of snowboard gear.

The Head alpine ski range is one of the most robust, with especially great classics such as the Head Monster, a versatile ski to drive a traditional alpine ski but offering the possibility of going to benefit from a manoeuvrable ski on unmarked sectors. The brand also offers its brand new versatile Freeride ski, perfect for those who want Freestyle driving in powder snow but also be able to make a quick turn on the ski slopes. The Head skis are of course available with an offer for both women's ski, men's ski and junior ski.

The Head label also offers a superb choice of all mountain ski boots with the essential Head Vector ski boots, or the Challenger and the Cube for women, which offers comfort and an opening for the most voluminous calf of the Marlet. At Hawaiisurf you will have the chance to have a passionate team that will explain to you how to choose your women's ski boots with precision while always thinking of comfort as a basic argument. Even your toddlers and seeds of champions will be able to find a good pair of children's skis and ski boots adapted to continue a good learning of the practice of skiing.

Head ski equipment is one of the most advanced on the current market, including a range of freestyle skis reinforced with graphene. Making skiing very efficient, and ideal for going to test the very last snowparks of the ski resorts of the Alps.

Whether you are looking for a stiff, manoeuvrable, versatile ski that can go anywhere to progress and guarantee yourself exceptional sliding comfort, the Head ski choice remains one of the most effective for changing your new pair of skis.

To make its brand even more effective in the concept of ski purchase, Head has also worked on a wide range of ski accessory type products. You can now find a new collection of ski poles to satisfy both recreational ski practitioners and those who want to hunt the Avalanche in a big ski touring session. In addition to ski gear, Head also offers a new collection of ski goggles, ski helmets and all the kit useful for ski maintenance such as waxing. To finish off the selection of a perfect ski pack, Head is also a collection of women's ski jackets, ski pants and everything you need to choose the must-have technical textile for ski clothing.

Your pair of skis and snowboard boots can be neatly stored in your new ski bag and the latest quality bootbags that are easy to carry.

Head ski is clearly recognized today as a brand just as talented as K2 , Faction, Blizzard or even Rossignol, offering to serve each profile of skiers according to your skiing style.

See you next season in Val Thorens with your brand new Ski Head gear and write a little more skiing history to your liking ...

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