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Discover our exciting universes: Skateboarding, Skating, Ski ,Snowboarding, Textile , Outdoor , Surf and Bodyboard ! At Hawaiisurf, we have been committed boardsports leaders since 1976.

Are you a fan of thrills and extreme sports? You are in the right place ! With us, you will find everything you need to live your passion to the full.

Skateboarding is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. We offer a wide range of top quality boards , wheels , trucks and accessories. Come defy gravity in style.

Rollerblading, inline or quad , is a unique way to get around while having fun. We have selected the best skate models for all levels, from beginners to experts. Progress and ride safely.

Winter sports enthusiasts will be delighted by our selection of ski and snowboard equipment. From versatile skis to high-performance snowboards , we've got you covered to hit the slopes with ease and style.

And because comfort and protection are essential when practicing these sports, our textile collection will meet all your expectations. Jackets , pants , gloves , hats and other accessories will provide you with warmth, waterproofness and durability to face the most extreme conditions.

The outdoors is a real source of adventure and discovery. Whether you are a hiking, camping or climbing enthusiast, our quality equipment will accompany you in all your outdoor escapades.

Wave lover? Surfing and bodyboarding are for you! Our range of surfboards and bodyboards will allow you to ride the best waves, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer.

Our team of enthusiasts has been at your disposal via the site or our stores since 1976. Find the best brands Sniper bodyboards , Mdns Surf or Voltaway .

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Home Carhartt Wip L/s Madison Shirt


Sizes:  S M L XL

Carhartt Wip L/s Madison Shirt

From €79.00 €31.60
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Home Pool
Sizes:  8/ S

Rhythm Islander Xanadu Pant

From €29.99
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Home Patentpythonwh


Mi-pac Gold Zip Purse

From €34.00
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Home Black


Sizes:  M L

Nitro Staxx

From €149.90 €104.93
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Home Denim polkablk


Sizes:  35 L

Mi-pac Weekender Bag

From €51.00
In Stock
Home White
Sizes:  12/ L 14/XL 6/ XS

Rhythm My Bralette Top

From €35.00
In Stock
Home Sidas Winter 3 Feet High
Sizes:  35-36 37-38 39-41 42-43 44-45 46-48

Sidas Winter 3 Feet High

From €39.90
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Home Default


Sizes:  XS S M

Carhartt Flavor T-shirt S/s Femme

From €35.00 €17.50
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Home Default


Sizes:  XS S M L

Picture Flowa India Ink Robe Femme

From €60.00 €30.00
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Home Pomegranate/sail


Sizes:  S M L

Nike Sb T Shirt Manches Courtes

From €39.99 €16.00
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Home Sea stripe blu


Sizes:  18 L

Mi-pac Premium Swing Bag

From €39.00
In Stock