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Hubboards is the bodyboard brand of the Hubbard brothers, Dave and Jeff. Multi-champions, they are among the best in the discipline. It was to meet their demands as champions that they decided to launch their own brand of bodyboard boards. Result: two collections of boards that meet the practices of each of the brothers with a premium quality that far exceeds what is on the market. Their slogan: "When evolution becomes Revolution. The mark of champions" announces the color.

Their experience as team riders for other brands has provided them with expertise in all aspects of the sport, particularly in research and development and board design. It is this experience which allows them today to offer boards adapted to their needs and which also brings a real evolution for the future of bodyboarding.

Jeff Hubbard's collection, Hubb Edition, features boards designed to effortlessly maximize speed and be easily controllable in the toughest situations. It adapts to all waves and all riding requirements.

Dave Hubbard's collection, Dubb Edition, offers boards that will bring you closer to the wave and feel the power of the ocean. With the Hubb Boards you will enter into symbiosis with the ocean for just a moment. Ultra versatile, they will give you the right amount of control and speed for maximum fun.

The Hubboards brand is still little marketed in France. You will find it at Hawaiisurf with boards but also all the accessories necessary to live the passion for bodyboarding fully and safely with resistant and efficient fins and leashes.

Do not miss this brand designated in Hawaii, made in Indonesia and sold in France at hawaiisurf.

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