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The Hyper Wheels roller skate brand was founded by a team of fierce competitors with one goal: to be the best brand of roller skate wheels and accessories. 29 years later, Hyper has won more accolades than any other brand in all roller skating sporting events be it hockey or inline skating. The brand is far ahead of any other competitor. With factories on three different continents, it is also the most recognized brand in all its markets. On all fronts, Hyper is Number 1.

What differentiates Hyper Wheels from other roller skate wheels is the marriage between athletes, a good manufacturing recipe and excellent production tools. Basically, Hyper wheels makes the difference with its advanced technology. Day after day, it innovates from the ground up to the chemistry of the wheels. Listening to the needs of rollerblading enthusiasts, she designs and builds a product that is always as close as possible to their expectations.

Their slogan: "Better tomorrow than today" * "Better tomorrow than today"

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