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Independent Mob Generation Bc


Ref product : INGRPMOB041


MOB is recognized around the world for its professional grade grips and unmistakable workmanship. Here the brand unveils a model in Co-branding with the famous brand INDEPENDENT for a griptape with a crazy look which will make people happy, the GENERATION BC .

A graphic grip featuring the famous logo and colors of the cult brand that will allow you to personalize your board and impose your style with MOB sauce!

Professional grade tape pre-punched to keep you from air bubbles during installation, featuring a revolutionary process to lock color and crystal clear artwork into the grain without sacrificing durability or roughness.
High durability thanks to its long-lasting glue which will allow optimal adhesion and a longer lifespan, this is what makes this brand as popular with professionals as with amateurs. Say goodbye to lack of grip and slippery feet !!

Season 2020
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