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The Inpeddo brand was founded in 2008 in northern Germany, and then moved to the German capital. A strategic choice that pushed the brand to develop and become known throughout the country. The foundation and motto of Inpeddo is clear: a brand designed by skateboarders for skateboarders. It is their commitment and passion for skateboarding that has given the brand a legitimate and recognized name in the skate world .

The name of the brand was inspired by Latinists, the expression "In petto" means "to carry something in the chest or in the heart" in Latin. This expression perfectly reflects the philosophy of the brand, which really wants to share their passion for skiing through their products . Inpeddo offers complete skateboards for the street but also cruisers, decks and all the equipment necessary for the assembly of a skate. Skateboards are always original at Inpeddo with humorous or quirky designs, but always very successful! The ultimate goal of the brand through these original and daring graphics, is above all to convey the good energy and state of mind of skateboarding, positivity and joy.

It is in this spirit that Inpeddo very often calls on well-known European artists for the design of their products. Among them, we can cite Dave The Chimp (England), Lucas Beaufort (France) and the KRID collective (Switzerland, Germany). Product quality is particularly important to Inpeddo. The brand's skaters are ambitious to offer all skaters and their rider ambassadors the best possible quality for an ideal and comfortable glide.

Don't forget Inpeddo's motto " From Skaters for Skaters ". It's the same motto that we want to convey on our HawaiiSurf site, we want to offer you the best of skateboarding!

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Inpeddo Skateboard Blue
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Inpeddo Skateboard Green
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Inpeddo Fibre Whip 8.125 Deck

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