K2 Rollerblading

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Founded in 1962, K2 is a major American board sports brand, present in several disciplines: skiing, snowboarding and rollerblading. If its core business remains the K2 ski and K2 snowboard K2 sport has been developing its expertise since 1994 in K2 in line skates.

The brand therefore offers a wide range of particularly comfortable roller skates at very affordable prices. K2 skates are essentially fitness skates, comfortable with a very good price / quality ratio. They will be perfect if you are looking for a K2 woman rollerblading. They are very suitable for rollerblading or for keeping in shape.

The brand is also present in more daredevil disciplines such as roller freeskate, for slalom or appears on street furniture or in the category of aggressive roller skates for skate parks.

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